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Typical Thermal Conditions Throughout the Day

Most of the time thermals are the primary source of lift at RMHPA sites. A typical good day looks like:

Early Morning
Light thermals winds often in the 3-10 mph range. A good time to fly a new site. Low airtime pilots can gain experience.
Morning Cook
Soarable conditions as thermals get stronger.
Thermal activity shuts off as mid day conditions build.
Mid-Day Conditions
In mid-summer expect strong thermal activity with winds ranging from 0-25 mph. Advanced pilots only. Strong thermal cycles exceed everyone's opperating limitations. Good judgement and experience are required to fly safely in mid-day conditions.
Thermal activity calms down. Occasionally sites glass-off.

General Winds Aloft Guidance

Mountain Sites
5-15 PG 5-20 HG at 18,000 feet
Front Range Sites
below 20 mph at 11,000 feet