Lookout Sponsorship Programs

Lookout is a challenging site with hidden hazards and complexities that are not immediately obvious. A sponsorship program has been established to get pilots the knowledge they need to fly Lookout safely. Participation in the sponsorship program is mandatory for pilots rated less than P4/H4. Sponsored pilots must use a working radio to receive guidance from sponsors. Sponsored flight without a radio is not permitted. RMHPA members rated as P2 and meeting other requirements may be sponsored. H2 pilots may not fly Lookout, visiting or not.

Sponsors are experienced pilot volunteers who are enthusiastic about safety, information sharing, and mentorship. When you contact a sponsor, they will recommend the best time for your site briefing and first flight. Your site briefing will cover the important aspects of flying at Lookout including weather and the site's complexities. Your sponsor will walk the LZs with you and accompany you launch to continue discussions. Your sponsor will allow you to launch if conditions are appropriate. You may NOT participate in a sponsored flight unless you use a radio that can be heard in-flight for receiving guidance from sponsors and other pilots flying at Lookout.

Sponsorship Steps
  1. Memberships/Waivers Signed?
  2. Review the Lookout Site Guide
  3. Radio? - 158.400 MHz DCS 23
  4. Are you qualified? P3, P2/M1, H3?
  5. Reach out on the Lookout Telegram Group. Weather allowing, sponsors are availible most weekends, and some weekdays.
Radio Frequency

158.400 MHz DCS 23 -- DCS Guide

New to the area?
  • Connect with local pilots on the forum RMHPA Forum
  • Ask a RMHPA member about the relevant Telegram groups.

Lookout Requirements

All Pilots Must Receive a Site Briefing from a Sponsor/Observer
Memberships / Waivers
  • Must be a current member of USHPA
  • Must be a member of RMHPA (Join/Renew)
    Visiting pilots (less than 5 visits) may waive the fee but must complete the membership form and Jefferson County Waiver (if flying Lookout).
  • Must sign the Jefferson County Liability Waiver
All New Pilots
Must Receive a Site Briefing from a Sponsor/Observer.
P2 with a minimum of 75 flights
At least 10 Sponsored Flights.
Generally 10 sponsored flights. Based on the Pilot's experience the Sponsor may increase or decrease the number of sponsored flights.
Site Briefing
Paraglider Sponsors
  • Ed Williams*
  • Jeff Schneringer
  • Benzie*
  • Josh Taylor
  • Tim Meehan*
  • Sam Crater*
  • Jason Ely
  • Darren Jack
  • Garry Vallincourt
  • David Hach
  • Jack Harlow
  • Don Hillmuth
  • Lex Shepherd*
  • Lindsey Ripa
  • Tyler Burns
  • Nalu
* - USHPA Observer
Review the Lookout Site Guide
Mini Wings
All New Pilots
Must Receive a Site Briefing from a Sponsor/Observer
At least 10 Sponsored Flights
Mini Wing Sponsors
  • Lindsey Ripa
  • Tyler Burns
  • Ben DeVoti
  • Garry Vallincourt

Review the Lookout Site Guide
Hang Gliders
All New Pilots
Must Receive a Site Briefing from a Sponsor/Observer
10 Sponsored Flights
Site Briefing
Hang Glider Sponsors
  • Dean Miller
  • Steve Ford
  • Jim Yocom
  • JT (James Trujillo)
  • Tavo Gutierrez
  • Sam Crater*
* - USHPA Observer
Review the Lookout Site Guide

Please use the documents and forms above in conjunction with an official sponsor. Sponsors are listed on the sponsorship sheet.

Handy Links
USHPA Mobile Pilot Lookup - https://www.ushpa.org/m/{USHPA MEMBER NUMBER}