Williams Upper Launch

Photo Credit: John Jaugilas

Williams Peak: Located near Heeney, CO. Site has launches at approximately 10,200ft MSL, 9,400ft MSL and 9,000ft MSL. The Lake LZ is a large grass field next to Green Mtn Reservoir. The north LZ is a football field sized area cut out of sagebrush. Both are at approximately 8,000ft MSL. Launches possible SW, W, NW. Primarily a thermal site with little ridge soaring opportunity. Flying possible usually April - October. Good XC potential.

Primary LZ for the upper launch is next to Green Mtn Reservoir, about 400 yds by 400 yds depending upon the height of the reservoir. The Primary LZ for the lower launches is 100 yds by 50 yds, but is landable in sagebrush surrounding the LZ as well.

Recommended Pilot Rating - Hang 2 for Hanglider and P2 for paraglider pilots during morning and late evening. Hang 3 other times.

Times to Fly - Mornings are usually light winded, suitable for sponsoring new pilots on their first high altitude flights. Midday finds strong thermal activity with frequent thunderstorms from May-August. Because of the surrounding mountains, wind speeds can change dramatically in short periods of time. Beware of storms and sudden gust fronts. Not commonly flown by paraglider pilots during midday. Evenings occasionally glass off.

One of the heavier used sites by Denver area hang glider pilots.