Villa Grove Site Guide

Villa Grove Panorama
Photo Credit: Jim Yocom

Villa Grove: Located near Villa Grove, CO in the San Luis Valley. Site faces SW, launch at approximately 9,300ft MSL, The primary LZ is at 7500ft MSL and is miles and miles of grass and short sage fields starting at the base of the Sangre De Cristo range. The Sangre De Cristos range from 12,000ft MSL to over 14,000ft MSL and run unbroken for over 60 miles to the south of launch, then a 15 mile gap and continuing into New Mexico. Both ridge soaring and thermal opportunities. Flying often possible year round. Great XC potential. Often called the little Owens Valley.

Villa Grove Launch
Photo Credit: Jim Yocom

There are several other sites to fly in the area, including Whale, which faces SE. It is most often flown in the summertime before about 11am. Later in the day the wind often comes over the back, but this site is very relable in the morning. Launch is about 10 miles NW of the Villa Grove launch. Probably the nicest launch above 12,000ft MSL you will ever see!