Meeting Minutes May 18

All official announcements and notifications about club operations.
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Meeting Minutes May 18

Postby davidhach » Fri May 20, 2016 11:43 am

Great turnout on Wednesday! I didn't get a head count but I'm guessing there were 30 of us.

Hang Glider Flight Director
Dean stepped down as flight director due to other commitments. He nominated Kim Croy as his replacement and she was unanimously voted in. Thanks for accepting, Kim!

Main Landing Zone Status
Construction in the main LZ might start as early as this weekend. Almost certainly it will begin by the end of the month. Remember that once construction begins, the Main LZ is closed until reopening is deemed appropriate.

Water Tank Landing Zone Status
The officers received a draft copy of the new agreement between RMHPA and the school of mines. The agreement does not expressly permit or prohibit landing at the water tank. You may continue to land there at your own discretion.

West/Back Landing Zone Status
Some progress has been made on getting permission to clean up the back/west LZ. Please stay tuned for further updates and an anticipated clean up day.

Miner's Field Landing Zone Status
Utilizing a portion of Miner's Field as a landing zone is back on the negotiation table, but not approved. Benzie is doing a great job keeping communication open with School of Mines and is doing his best to make sure we have places to land.

Colorado Fly Week Reminder
Colorado Fly Week is happening August 27th-September 3rd. This is a fantastic event that will never happen again. $150 pre-registration is open through June 30th. After that, registration will be $195. There are a limited number of registrations, so if you're planning to go you should sign up NOW.

Sponsored Flights Reminder
There will be no sponsoring of new pilots during the landing zone closure. Pilots who have started their sponsored flights will allowed to continue.

Wind Socks
Rufus (Jeff Haynes) generously donated several wind socks to RMHPA that memorialize our fallen friends. If you'd like to volunteer to help put these up, please let Benzie know and he'll put you on his list of willing volunteers.

Flying the Mountain Sites
JJ went over what happened at Villa Grove on Saturday May 14th. A discussion and narrative are available beginning on the second page of this thread: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=6155&start=15

As always, please be cautious, careful, prepared, and aware every time you fly. Know the forecast, be mindful of the conditions and how they are changing, and be able to recognize when conditions aren't suitable for flying. This is springtime in Colorado. The air can be violent and unpredictable. Many of us haven't flown big hours in awhile. Take a step back if you're not current.

Rescue Strategies and Tracking Options
Scott put together an informative presentation going over options (free and paid) for live tracking your flights. Live tracking is important because if you are rendered unconscious, it is the only way you will be found. There is a ton of technology available for live tracking. Please see Scott's thread here for more information: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6165

Safety Discussion on Terrain Clearance and Performance Flying
Jake's safety discussion was on the mechanics of scratching, lift near the hill, and why it's not always best to stay close to the hill. A PDF of his presentation, which included several interesting empirical and theoretical charts and figures, is available here: ... -fling.pdf Thank you Jake for putting this together.

Kimberly Croy
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Re: Meeting Minutes May 18

Postby Kimberly Croy » Fri May 27, 2016 7:28 am

Well...I was voted new hang gliding flight director by 90% paraglider pilots:) This is kind of an unclear position so I would like to ask what club members expectations are and I will try to meet those. My time on a computer is slim these days so I will do my best to stay informed and active. My main goal this coming season is fly and do it safely. I will post or tweet when and where I'm going, however based on the weather things are decided most often last minute.
Let me know if you have any ideas,concerns, expectations etc.

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