Flying Villa Thur, Fri... 5/23

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Flying Villa Thur, Fri... 5/23

Postby jj » Wed May 23, 2018 6:03 pm

The Villa grove forecasts for Thursday and Friday look good. Several of us will be flying. We plan to head up from the old LZ at 8:45am. That way we can be set up and ready to launch if the morning cook is working, or if some people need site intros. Will likely head back up for a late afternoon or evening glass off flight.

Currently winds are 7-10 SW and uppers are SW at 15 or less. Haines index 5 or 6! etc. Sat and Sun are too far out to trust the forecasts.

The road to launch is High Clearance 4WD on a vehicle that will get scratched by the scrub oak. The old LZ where we meet is 2 or three miles East of the town of Villa as if you are heading up Hayden pass. Hayden pass is closed permanently for the next several years.

If you are planning to come to Villa to fly text us using regular text messaging. Don't use Whattsapp as it is not reliable in that area.

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