Monroe Utah Fly In

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Monroe Utah Fly In

Postby jj » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:50 am

There was a fly in at Monroe, Utah Sep 25-30. Some folks headed down last weekend and others came out later in the week as the forecasts hadn't looked all that good. This was the first time at this site for most of us, and with sketchy forecasts it didn't seem reasonable to post up.

The winds were typically coming from the East which is the only non-launchable direction for the area since Mt Edna was snowed in. If Edna was accessible then the Monroe area has launches that work for any direction. It is a 7.5 hour, 450 mile drive from Denver, I-70 all the way to Richfield, UT. I only got to fly Friday, but I got a morning PG flight and an afternoon HG flight. If my light wind PG launching skills were better I would have had an evening PG flight as well.

The launches are suitable for HGs or PGs and the dirt road up to Cove launch is good (better and faster than Villa or Williams). Figure 25 min from LZ to launch. Others flew Monroe Peak which is 6,000 AGL so even sledders get you some decent air time. Cove is 3,000 AGL. Monroe and Cove both favor West winds, but Cove also has good launches for South or North winds. Once at launch on Cove you can easily walk to any of the launch directions if the wind shifts. The Monroe, rodeo grounds LZ is good although marginal for HGs. Larger than Lookout but it has some bushes, fence poles, ruts etc. The Cove LZ is a huge wheat field that the club has permission to use. I think it is one of the largest, nicest LZs ever (flat, no rocks, no cactus, visible and very easy to reach from launch).

The local club is great with plenty of friendly, helpful people. The county commissioner and sheriff attended the morning meeting and are very supportive of HG and PG flying in the county. They want to promote more flying in the area.

So while many of us only got one day of flying in, this is a site to visit and you should put next year's fly in on your calendar. Monroe is roughly the same distance as heading to the Crawfords, and while it may not be as easy to soar as the Crawfords, it has Huge XC potential and the launches are higher (3,000-6,000 AGL) so even extended sledders can add some airtime.

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