Booming day on Mt. Princeton

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Booming day on Mt. Princeton

Postby Jeff B » Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:36 pm

Jeff Schneringer & I had a big day flying Princeton. Launched a little after 11 into building cycles, scratched a bit before I found the goods and then climbed to just short of 14K. There was moderate texture to the air and the thermals were strongish. Lost track of the one that took me up to 13,800 so I slid down the hill and flew back over launch. A little going on but nothing to get excited about so I headed down the spine toward the radio towers. Bingo, over the radio towers I found sputnik and took it to 16870'. Decided I was plenty high without Oxy so I headed out into the valley looking for sink. Sink was hard to find but eventually I spiraled down underneath the booming and regained my composure. Jeff had every bit as good a flight and wandered around out in front looking for sink and smoother air ultimately landing a mile or so north.

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