Guadalupe Ridge (NM) Presidents Day Weekend 2018

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Rick M
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Guadalupe Ridge (NM) Presidents Day Weekend 2018

Postby Rick M » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:16 pm

I'm giving serious thought to heading down to southern New Mexico over Presidents Day weekend to fly in the annual fly-in at Guadalupe Ridge. Could be a nice chance to get some good soaring in over the winter.

See the Rio Grande Soaring Association page:

Site detail can be found at: ... -ridge.htm and also

That second one has good directions and some topo maps.

I've never been to this site. It is remote - 2.5 hours to the nearest gas. Read the info on the above links carefully.

Google shows the camping/launch area to be 10 hours from Denver. It looks close to Alamogordo but even that is 4 hours away from the ridge.
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Re: Guadalupe Ridge (NM) Presidents Day Weekend 2018

Postby jj » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:57 pm

Of course that is the weekend of the Annual club meeting if your're talking about Presidents day as observed by most states (Feb19).
The really strange thing is that President's Day Holiday in NM is November 23rd.

Steve Ford
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Re: Guadalupe Ridge (NM) Presidents Day Weekend 2018

Postby Steve Ford » Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:15 pm

mid/late November might be another good time to fly the Guads but NM Pres Day is not the fly-in time.

The pres day weekend is indeed 19 Feb. The holiday fly-ins in Southern NM are generally in line with Fed holidays since so many folks work for the Fed Govt (White Sands, Holloman AFB, etc). That's why Dry Canyon has a Columbus Day fly-in: the base and test range are observing the Fed holiday.

I've not flown the Guads yet. I have heard many good stories though. Top land if you can is one of the pieces of advice that I have been given since the retrieve can be long..... kinda like Dino in that regard. Also was advised to be sure my spare tire was in good shape.

Back in 2000, CB, LW, and I looked at the drive to the Guads and we estimated 13 hrs from Denver. The three of us took two vehicles and went to Dry instead that weekend, an 8-1/2 hour drive....... 3 great soaring days with gains to 10K MSL and thermals as strong as 1K per minute. Craig wrote a great Flocker article that year.

Rusty Whitley and others in CO used to attend the Guads event regularly. Ping them for tips/knowledge.

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