Rat Race Format Expanded Again

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Rat Race Format Expanded Again

Postby Benzie » Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:24 pm

Rat Race Format Expanded Again

In 2002 the Rat Race made U.S. history when it created a training format for Race to Goal competitions.
While this format was hugely successful, the organizers could tell that there was a need to allow pilots,
less familiar with XC and competition, to participate. Thus, a few years ago the Sprint side of the event
was added with terrific results. The RR Sprint gives pilots the ability to learn XC skills, at an accelerated
rate, by being in a competition setting. Last year, the Rat Race and Sprint Competition was the largest
sanctioned paragliding competition in U.S. history. This year a new Super Clinic is being added.
The Super Clinic will allow P3 pilots that are looking for accelerated training to participate in the
best event of the season. Last year, Woodrat Mt. was named in an international magazine as one of
the best 25 paragliding flying sites in the world. Pilots can now train with some of the nation’s best
instructors at one of the best paragliding sites in the world during the 11th annual Rat Race Paragliding
Competition. Kari Castle, Ken Hudonjorgenson & Kay Tauscher (the 3 K’s!) will provide instruction and
guide pilots through 8 days of ruggedly comprehensive training. Train in the morning, and then watch
the competition action unfold on top of Woodrat Mountain. After the race competitors have launched,
pilots will have virtually the entire mountain to themselves, where they can train and fly at a truly
premiere flying venue.
Ken, Kari & Kay collectively have several decades of experience training paragliding pilots and have
some of the finest reputations as instructors. They all have an amazing foot-launch flight history, which
includes competition and record attempts. They are known for their emphasis on technique, as well
as their patient & friendly demeanor. Their collective skills will provide an amazing introduction to
competition-skills and thinking. The combination of site, instruction and setting will be an unforgettable
training experience you won’t want to miss! Go to mphsports.com to reserve your spot. Attendance
will be limited. Sign up today and see why Rat Race is the largest annual paragliding competition in the
world… and soon to be the best clinic ever.

June 22nd – 29th, 2013
Woodrat Mountain, Ruch, Oregon
RMHPA Vice President
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