Roldanillo PG Tour, Feb. 2013

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Roldanillo PG Tour, Feb. 2013

Postby Orange Man » Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:22 pm

Hey friend,

If you aren't interested in a February tour in Roldanillo, Colombia, then please ignore this unabashed spam. However, if your want to fly the routes of the 2013 FAI World Cup, for less than half the price of comparable tours, read on.

This is one very excited Po' Boy. You see, the first time I went to Colombia for paragliding, six years ago, I spent over $1,300 for just my airfare. Then the tour "guide" wanted me to pay $80 a day. And I got bupkus service from the guy, just a tiny bed in a "community room" and a lot of thumbs-up after I hiked home, unassisted, through the jungle for two exhausting hours my first day. Well, I just didn't know any better back then.

Through painful experience, I've leaned how to drive down the total cost visiting Colombia. First, being a Po' Boy, I just hate giving my dollars to those greedy airline guys to just arrive in beautiful and economical Colombia. And that is why I'm now so excited. I've located the cheapest fairs I've ever seen, and have got them from two of the best airlines for travel to Colombia! And this ticket takes you near Roldanillo, one of the best P3+ flying sites in the world. Daily flights lasting hours and fifty plus kilometers are common here in the mountains and agricultural flatlands.

Yes, this is the Colombia you've been reading about (Hang Gliding & Paragliding, June, 2011, p.26-30). Epic flights, peaceful pueblos, friendly locals. Orange Man Paragliding thinks you need to experience all this. How about in February for the amazingly low tour price of $998?!!! That's less than half the price of some other tours and you get an extra day of flying! This price includes most everything except most meals and airfare.

Cali airport (CLO) pickup: February 5, 2013
First tour flying date: February 6, 2013
Last tour flying date: February 13, 2013
Travel home February 13, 2013

The follow up email (if you are interested), will contain a PDF showing how to get a round-trip airline ticket to Colombia for only $553!!! I would be all over that puppy if I wasn't already in Roldanillo, knocking out 4+ hour flights. The really good news is that price is a savings of over $350 from what I typically end up paying for a discounted fair!

Okay, let's get the bad news out of the way. This is a two-stop flight, which means three flights total.. It's overnight, so those that can't sleep on a plane will be beat when they arrive. This is a Po' Boy tour, meaning we stay in great accommodations, sharing a room, not solo in fancy $80 a night hotels. You pay for your meals, typically less than $15 a day. Transportation is provided during the week if you stick with the plan, but even if you head off onto your personal best, you can usually get local bus transportation back to Roldanillo for less than $6. We'll show you how the local Po' Boys do it.

Now let's look at it from a good news angle. One-stop flights are getting harder to find from LAX, and they are typically much more expensive. The airlines in the sample allow two free bags up to fifty pounds. During the flight delay in Bogota, immigration and customs will be cleared, so the actual travel time really isn't much longer. We'll arrive (Feb. 5) in Roldanillo, by bus in the afternoon from Cali (CLO), so we have plenty of time to orient, check out the LZs and chill with a cold brew and fresh crispetas (popcorn) in the quaint town plaza (with running fountain) before flying mid-morning the next day.

Now, do you see why I am an excited Po' Boy? Calling all other Po' Boys and Po' Gals to jump on this! Of course, airfares are subject to change before your next blink, and your results may differ from the example provided.

Need some more good news? Roldanillo will be home to the FAI World Cup Superfinal in late January, and there is another competition just before that. This means we will have lots of waypoints and routes to fly! We can compare our flights with the results of the best pilots from around the world and see how we measure up.

This tour is appropriate for P2 (have thermaled consistently for more than an hour) to P4 pilots.

Hey bunkie, want to beat the winter-time-no-flying-blues? Follow these easy steps:
1) Send an email to Orange Man Paragliding ( with your contact information requesting more info. We will send a more detailed response with tons of information.
2) Email that you wish to reserve a spot. We will hold your spot for 36 hours while you purchase your airfare.
3) Purchase your airfare. Let us know your flight details.
4) Pay for your Colombia Tour with a bank transfer to Bank of America (more details in a later email--you should be able to do this online) within the 36 hours.
5) Mark your calendar, pack your bags, get on the plane, fly, fly, fly!

Make your reservation with Orange Man Paragliding today to paraglide in amazing Roldanillo with Wade, Max and Jonathan the Swiss Team Leader (knows Roldanillo better than just about anyone!). Our group will be limited to twelve Po' Boys and Gals, so let's get 'er done! For more information, send an email to

T. Wade Gonder (o Tomás cuando estamos en Colombia)

001 57 320 765 7837 (Colombia Comcel cell)
Skype: omparagliding

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Re: Roldanillo PG Tour, Feb. 2013

Postby Orange Man » Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:30 pm

More info regarding Roldanillo flying and a tour in February.

The PWC is well underway. You can see the photos and results here:

And if you want to watch it live starting around 1130 hrs (GMT -5) check here:

The Nationals went well, but after flying in the mountains for two weeks, I learned flying the Valley poses it's own special challenges, having gotten stuck in the same place (+/- 1km) four different days. Come fly the Routes of both competitions!:

And if you are interested in the February 5-13 tour you will want to email for the info PDF and get your reservation in, we need to wrap it up by this Thursday.

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