Accident Green Mnt 11/1/15 pilot

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Accident Green Mnt 11/1/15 pilot

Postby garyvail » Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:36 pm

It is unfortunate that there was an accident on green mountain with what appears to be an un-rated pilot. I didnt know him and alot of people that are in the area didn't know him either. It appears he broke his back L4 but this information is all second hand

We have been trying to do a great job reaching out to these unrated pilots and trying to encourage instruction and ushpa ratings, this particular person resisted against much advice that was given about getting proper instruction from people i have talked to. It is unfortunate this person seemed to slip through the cracks and Sunday was just a REALLY bad day to choose to fly in the front range. This sport has very high consequences for poor decision making and instruction and mentoring can help. Unfortunately there are people that assume they can acquire a wing and learn how to ground launch on there own because they have some canopy flying experience, the reality is most accidents are occurring during blown launches which unless you get proper ground launching training there is no previous experience to draw from. Also operating limitations are way different as our wings are way more sensitive to mechanical turbulence. So weather knowledge and local experience is VERY helpful.

Im not sure we can totally 100% stop unrated roque pilots from compromising our sites but we can do our best to self regulate, mentor and encourage safe practices while flying and getting proper instruction for the newer pilots.

I wish the person all the best in there recovery and it hurts the whole community when someone gets hurt.

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