Good article on HG stalls and spins

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Good article on HG stalls and spins

Postby jj » Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:50 am

Just ran across this article by John Heiney, one of the best aerobatic HG pilots ever. Even if you learned about this from flying GA or Aerobatic airplanes, this explanation from the HG perspective is worth reading.

This is particularly important when flying a ridge lift site like SPOTM.
If you are way too slow and/or turbulence has bumped you towards the hill, you should use Bill Heaner's three step method:

1. Look in the direction you want to go.

2. Pull in significantly.

3. Use full-scale roll input to turn away from the hill.

In a panic situation you should do all three at the same time quickly. This is something to practice and always be ready for while scratching on a ridge. Fly as if you are "spring-loaded" and ready to "snap" away from the ridge. The closer to the ridge, the more intense your readiness.

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Re: Good article on HG stalls and spins

Postby mikebadley » Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:03 pm

Not all ridge lift is created the same - for sure. POTM on the south side has a smooth lip and is easy to get close to the hill without too much worries. North side has all of these gulley cuts in the lip and also has more thermal gusts. I watched an eastern pilot familiar with 'smooth' ridge soaring getting far too close to the hill and eventually stepped into a gulley pocket which turned him into the hill and caught his leading edge in the brush. Fortunately it didn't result in injury, and we only had to cart the broken glider out. Lessons learned!
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