MS 150 help needed

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MS 150 help needed

Postby Hawk » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:12 am

Hello Everyone

A few years back I did the MS 150 ride and this year I am doing it again,

This year my wife and I have signed up to do it. Its a 150 mile bike ride from Irvinee to San Diego spread over 2 days. Last time it was 105 the first day and 50 the next.

Last time I did it was a very rewarding and eye opening experience. I remember at the end of the 1st day as I was dropping my bike off in the pen a woman rode in, and cramped up and fell over, a few of us went over to help her up, ask her if she needed water/food whatever and her response was "its not from the riding"- she had just done 105 miles while suffering from MS- that was pretty amazing

So this year my wife and I could use your help
our pages are located here, click "donate to me"- we will never see or handle the money- 79+ cents out of every dollar goes directly to helping those with MS

Thien-Ys ... r_id=26037

Jason ... r_id=26037

Here is some info regarding where the money goes ... &sid=10792
and a brief description of MS ... &sid=10793

Thank you for your help!

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