Help bring clean water to people without it

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Help bring clean water to people without it

Postby Kiernan » Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:03 pm

A friend of mine works for Global Hope Network International. He's an enviro engineer and travels to Africa and Far East helping communities set up sources of clean drinking water. At the moment he has projects in Cameroon and Indonesia.

GHNI has a very locally focused, community based approach that engages with villagers in partnership so that new water supply systems really belong to the people are are not seen as something that's being "given" to them with no input from locals. The locals actually build the systems with help and equipment from GHNI. They maintain the wells and pumps and collect moderate fees from users so the systems are sustainable without continued outside support.

My friend, Josh Knight, asked me to spread the information about this work around. If anyone is interested in donating to the cause you will find a donate link on the GHNI web site, please donate in Josh's name. If you can't donate you may know somebody to whom this may appeal. I know Josh personally and can vouch for his integrity. I believe they make very efficient use of the funds and have a huge impact for relatively small dollars with their water projects.

If anyone wants to talk to me about this call me at three oh three, five eight eight four )five nine) six. Thanks.

Here's GHNI link:

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