T2 - 155 for sale

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T2 - 155 for sale

Postby mikebadley » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:21 pm

*** SOLD ****

I have an older T2 (#37611) that is still damn airworthy and a real hoot to fly. It was originally owned by Mark Lillendahl in San Francisco - known as 'Marginal Mark' and he sold it to the Flyin' Canuck who thought it was too big for him and got a smaller T2. I've had it since. No rips or tears, hardly any scuffs - but the usual stuff a mountain glider will accumulate over the years. Has a mylar (light yellowish) sail with the black kevlar weave in it. Colors are an orange bottom with the a single blue horizontal stripe. I bought Roberto Frias' newer T2 last year and don't need two of these in the garage.

Get yourself a high performance whiz-bang wing for a bargain price $1500. I believe this one out-performs my newer T2 (just a gut feeling - need more airtime on the newer wing). Hate to see it sit in the garage and not get flown - but it is a high performance wing, so if your U2 ain't doing it for you anymore, this could be a big step up for you. I think if you're weighing 200# (not hook in), that would be about perfect. IMO - the handling is EASY. If you can fly a U2, you won't have issues with this one (in the air). The trade off is a long glide in the LZ. They don't slow down much. With the VG on, it's like having over-drive in the sky.
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