RMHPA Banquet

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RMHPA Banquet

Postby Drinks » Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:46 pm

We had our annual banquet on last Sunday night with around 60 members in attendance. We missed all of you that could not make it. Thanks to Benzie and Gary for putting the banquet and awards together and thanks to all the others that helped, voted for awards, donated prizes or submitted flights last year to Leonardo.

I wanted to let everyone know who our award winners are for 2017 and congratulate them. If you see them out on the hill be sure to pass on your congratulations.

First the Presidential Awards
Gary and Benzie handmade the Presidential Awards. They are really cool.

Gary gave out the Presidential Awards to recognize outstanding contributors to the mission of the RMPHA. A mission that he believes, and I think we can all agree, centers on:
1. Safety
2. Site Stewardship
3. Community
Each of the following individuals has gone above and beyond in their contributions and dedication to our Association.
Thanks and congratulations to our 2017 Presidential Award Winners!!

Benzie RMHPA Service
Ed Williams Mentorship
Jason Rice Site Stewardship Copper Mountain
Greg Kelley Site Stewardship and Mentorship
David Hach RMHPA Service as Secretary
Don Hilmuth Service RMHPA Website
Mike Jobin Mentorship
Mark Windsheimer Mentorship and Site Stewardship
Steve Ford Mentorship and Site Stewardship
Sam Crater Service and Mentorship

Next are the Award Winners Selected by our members:
Most improved HG: Ann Dunlap
Most improved PG: Ryan Strong
Most improved MW: Kris Holub
Best attitude: Benzie
Best driver: Kasi Phanara
Best HG Sponsor: Dean Miller
Best PG Sponsor: Ed Williams
Golden Hammer: Rick Damiani
Most distance traveled to get a sledder: Joe Cary

Please congratulate these peer selected winners. If you see Rick, ask him about his Golden Hammer flight—it sounds like an amazing story. When you land and are cursing the thermal gods as you watch other wings disappear over the horizon, remember the Best Driver Award and go pick somebody up—you may get a great story and learn a lot—not to mention the good karma.

Finally our Leonardo Award Winners (all flights must be in Colorado—don’t forget to start logging your 2018 flights). All RMHPA members are eligible. Leanardo is included in your membership.

Hang Gliding
Cross Country (top 6 flights)
1. Kevin Carter 917.05
2. Charles Cozean 408.93
3. Dean Miller 315.71
FAI Triangle
1. Kevin Carter 91.7
2. Charles Cozean 58.30
3. Ann Dunlap 48.00
Open Distance
1. Kevin Carter 437.5 km
2. Charles Cozean 191.2 km
3. Dean Miller 141.6 km
1. Kevin Carter 15:29:04
2. Ann Dunlap 11:04:05
3. Dean Miller 9:37:48
1. Kevin Carter 13,452 m
2. Ann Dunlap 9061 m
3. Charles Cozean 7358 m

Cross Country (top 6 flights)
1. William Stites 672.88
2. Rick Damiani 621.54
3. Ryan Strong 434.882
FAI Triangle
1. Ryan Strong ? I’m
2. Gary Vaillancourt 6.7 km
3. Shad Presten 5.4 km
Open Distance
1. William Stites 386.9 km
2. Rick Damiani 276.1 km
3. Ryan Strong 226.2 km
1. Rick Damiani 24:11:42
2. William Stites 21:07:17
3. Ryan Strong 17:18:11
1. Ryan Strong 11,437 m
2. Rick Damiani 10438 m
3. Willima Stites 9691 m

We raffled some really cool photos. Thanks Sam Crater for donating them. We also had quite a few people attending their first RMHPA event. Thanks for being there and congrats to one of them, Will (a new paraglider pilot), that won $178 in the raffle.

We look forward to seeing all of you in the air or at our next RMHPA event.

Look out for each other—Lift and tailwinds.


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Re: RMHPA Banquet

Postby krisholub » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:17 pm


Most Improved PG: Ryan Strong

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Re: RMHPA Banquet

Postby Benzie » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:20 am


Most Improved PG: Ryan Strong

Thank Kris

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