Meeting Minutes June 28th 2017

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Meeting Minutes June 28th 2017

Postby davidhach » Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:55 pm

Decent turnout tonight with 30 people or so.

Because he will be traveling abroad for the foreseeable future, Joe has resigned from his position as treasurer. The membership decided through a vote that Benzie will be the interim treasurer and vice president until the next election in January.

Membership Update
We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to the online member sign-up and we currently have 170 members. Over 95% of members have paid club dues. Great work!

Lookout Landing Approach
Sponsors should cover both the s-turn approach and an aircraft approach (downwind, base, final) for pilots new to Lookout. The standard s-turn approach, while suitable for most conditions, can be frustrating and potentially more risky in thermic conditions. The aircraft approach, with the downwind leg over the highway, can be advantageous when it is crowded, thermic, or with variable winds because it is forgiving to the experienced pilot and does not require aggressive maneuvering when properly executed. Pilots are encouraged to practice the aircraft approach in suitable conditions. Please consult with an experienced member if you have any questions about the various approaches to the Lookout LZ.

Boulder South Launch Access
Please see the previous emails and thread regarding drive-up access to the south Boulder launch. Please do not drive past the newly installed signage on Pine Needle Road. Please do not use unauthorized trails or venture onto private property. Doing so puts the site at risk for everyone.

Jason has, at his own expense and for the benefit of the club, set up a webcam at his house that shows the tree sock and the upper sock at the north launch. It may be accessed at and instructions are in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6425

If the membership finds this to be a valuable resource, Jason would like financial assistance to cover the costs of equipment and operation. There will be a member vote in July on this issue. I personally believe that this is a worthy club expenditure, at least as a one-year test, and that the webcam will become as indispensable as Debbie. Currently the approximate cost for the first year is $700, however Jason is exploring ways to reduce this cost by purchasing less expensive equipment.

Dave Platt Memorial Wind Sock
Dave's family will be coming down on Friday, July 7th for a dinner. We'll be installing a wind sock in Dave's memory on Saturday morning, July 8th. Details from Benzie to follow.

Lookout cleanup
The club will be holding our annual trash pickup on Sunday, July 9 at 8am. Everyone is encouraged to spend an hour or two cleaning up the mountain. Traditionally, we have been rewarded with excellent soaring conditions after the trash pickup.

USHPA/Martin Palmaz
USHPA Executive Director Martin Palmaz attended the meeting and held a Q&A about insurance. A more detailed explanation will follow at some point.

Williams BBQ
Kim would like to revive an RMHPA fly in at Williams later in the summer. Pilots could camp up top with a potluck partially sponsored by RMHPA. Please keep an eye out for dates!

Boulder MOU
The club continues to work with Boulder OSMP to update our MOU to allow the Matterhorn training hill to be reopened. In addition to expanding our footprint, this would open a large LZ on OSMP land that could be used by XC pilots.

Green Mountain Accident
Everyone is extremely saddened to hear of the fatal accident on Green Mountain. Gary has clarified that contrary to many news reports, the victim was found approximately 2 hours after making contact with 911. He had expired by the time he was reached and the rescuers decided to wait until morning to recover the body. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. The club thanks the first responders and everyone involved with the search and recovery.

Lookout Construction Update
Hopefully they'll be out of the LZ by mid July. :roll:

As always, please feel free to add anything I've missed.

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Re: Meeting Minutes June 28th 2017

Postby garyvail » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:57 pm

Martin has reached out and followed up, Some of the answers regarding instructor issues mainly Tandems were inaccurate and some points were accurate. We are going to schedule an instructor meeting to clarify some of points. This can be a complicated topic especially with the new insurance evolving. We will let you know when we get this scheduled.

-Gary V

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