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RMHPA club reminders

Postby Benzie » Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:10 am

1. Suggestion box: Don't forget to put in your suggestions, good or bad I'll take it all. How can RMHPA be better? I'll bring up some of the suggestions and have a discussion at each monthly club meeting.


2. Club meeting: Next Wednesday 9/23/15 7:00pm

Buffalo Rose
1119 Washington Ave
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 278-6800

3. North Trail Mitigation: This Saturday 9/19/15 meeting at the north side trailhead at 8am. Let's try to cut down on parking issues, try meeting at the LZ around 7:30am to carpool up, don't forget to bring your wing, hike up with your gear, leave at launch then come back to help. If you only give an hour so you can go fly don't worry I'll take the hour, it's better then nothing.

If you haven't answered if you can come and help or not, there's still time, click on link below.


What to bring: Work gloves, Hat, water, long sleeve & boots (suggested but not required) Jeffco will supply all the tools.

4. Don't be afraid to speak up if you see something that can hurt someone either at launch, during flight or at landing. Approach is everything if you want someone to listen, don't go straight in for the kill with a negative maybe point out a positive first, start the conversation calmly then point out the mistake and how that person can learn from your experience.

With that said I wanted to say that we all aren't perfect, we sometimes slip up and come across as an ass. I want to give Ben Graham an open apology for my horrible approach to giving him some of my advice last Saturday, my intentions were to tell him how a better approach would have been safer for him and everyone around him, but how I approached him was totally wrong and very unlike me. There's no excuses for rudeness, it was some what heated on both sides and I'm sure my point was lost due to the tension that surrounded the conversation. Sorry Ben, next time my approach will be better. :)

Approach is everything on how someone will receive your expert knowledge, take a breath...wait...then give some advice.

One last thing: A big shout out THANK YOU to all the club members, RMHPA wouldn't be where it's at right now without everyone participation.

Happy Tuesday!!! See you all next Wednesday, if not sooner.
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