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Forum Posting Policy

Postby Chris Webster » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:51 am

Forum Posting Policy

1) Be polite and considerate to others. No inappropriate language, harsh criticism, personal attacks, obscene, libelous, unlawful, or otherwise unacceptable material of any kind. Constructive criticism, differences of opinion and debate are encouraged.
2) Stay on topic. A good rule of thumb is “One thread = One topic”. Start a new thread rather than hijacking an existing one.
3) No spamming.
4) Feel free to report any inappropriate post or violation to the webmaster.

In general, use common sense and common courtesy.

The moderators (elected Club Officers) reserve the right at their own discretion to move, edit, lock or delete any reported post violating these standards, as well as to restrict, suspend or terminate repeated violators’ access to the forum.

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