Meeting minutes April 19 2017

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Meeting minutes April 19 2017

Postby davidhach » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:24 pm

Great turnout last night for the meeting at New Terrain Brewing. I didn't get an exact head count, but I'd guess there were 40 people with 5 or 6 new faces.


We have over 140 RMHPA members. This is the most members RMHPA has had in a long time. Thanks to everyone who's signed up and paid dues. If you haven't signed up yet, please go to

Main LZ Update

The main LZ continues to be an active construction zone. Work should be finished by July 1st. For now, the LZ is open if there is no construction equipment or personnel in the landing zone. Sponsorship of new Lookout pilots is available on a case-by-case basis into the main LZ at the discretion of the sponsor.


-For safety and practicality, all Front Range pilots (Boulder and Lookout) are encouraged to use the same radio frequency: 158.400 DCS 23. If you have questions or need help programming your radio, there are resources available on this forum or you could try asking for help on the hill.

-Gary V. is in the process of updating our MOU agreement with Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP). We hope that this agreement maintains the privileges we currently enjoy (access and windsocks) and expands our landing options on OSMP property.

-RMHPA Boulder Committee: Will Stites, Jake Hildebrand, Chris Ratay, and Lex Shepard lead the Boulder Committee. Please direct site specific inquiries to one of them.

-Gary has made great strides furthering our relationship with OSMP. He has a walk-through next week to potentially reopen the Matterhorn site near Eldorado Canyon. While it is more of a training hill, the fact that OSMP is willing to consider reopening the site is an enormous step forward for our membership and the club's relationship with OSMP. More details will follow.

Soccer Field LZ

The City of Golden is considering putting a solar farm on the vacant land adjacent to the Rooney Road Soccer Complex. We are concerned about the impact this would have on our ability to land there. The solar farm may be on Golden's ballot in the fall. The RMHPA Golden committee will relay our concerns to the appropriate contacts.

Jobin's Front Range Landing Zone Map and weather talk

Mike Jobin has created a fantastic resource that is available for download here:

Green fields are good landing zones. Yellow fields are so-so. Red is DO NOT LAND. Everyone should take the time to study it if they intend to go XC from Lookout or Boulder.

Jobin also gave a refresher on the weather resources that are available and what to look for. While he gave too much information to recap here, please take a look at RMHPA's weather links. They are extremely comprehensive.

Jake's Safety Talk

Jake gave a great safety talk. Please remember that Spring flying can be full-on, unpredictable, and may not match the forecast. Marginal conditions combined with low currency after a long winter are a recipe for problems. Please make an honest assessment of your skills and the conditions when you are deciding whether or not to fly.

Upcoming Events

Several members are planning to make the trip out to Otto's this weekend. There will be great Lyrids Meteor Shower and I've heard the forecast is promising for flying.

Rat Race: The final Rat Race is happening June 18th-24th. People rave about this event every year, and this is your final opportunity. More info here:

Feel free to comment below if I missed anything or if you'd like to expand on any of the topics.

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Re: Meeting minutes April 19 2017

Postby AnnC » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:23 pm

Thanks for the minutes David. Will also try to catch the live feed next time if you guys decide to try it again.
I'd like to add:
I mailed out letters/stickers to most everyone.
If you have paid dues and signed waivers, But have Not received your letter with helmet sticker, please post up your first and last name to this post so I get it out to you.

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Re: Meeting minutes April 19 2017

Postby AllenSparks » Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:32 am

Hey Ann,

I have received one sticker, but I use different helmets for para and hang. May I have one more ? :)


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Re: Meeting minutes April 19 2017

Postby Benzie » Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:47 am

I have received one sticker, but I use different helmets for para and hang. May I have one more

Sparky I have more stickers in my car, next time we see each other please hit me up. That goes for anyone else that needs an additional sticker for other helmets, please let me know when you see me and I'll get you one...two...
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