Yaesu FT-250 /errors and resets

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Yaesu FT-250 /errors and resets

Postby Benzie » Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:44 am

Recently my Yaesu FT-250 radio had a issue with the display, it was showing a weird code (C0833) the radio was still able to transmit and receive but I was unsure if it was doing it properly so I decided to take a better look and got onto the net. I learned that I could reset the radio back to factory defaults and/or reset the micro processor. When I tried the resetting the micro processor I got a whole new code (B0001) from what I read on a couple sites this was not good, no one knew how to get it back to normal operation and suggested sending the radio back...I kept digging and found one guys post on how to do it and it worked!!! So glad I didn't have to send it back or buy a new one. Below is the way to fix this if it ever comes up with your Yaesu FT-250 (it may work on other versions too)

Manual for Yuesu FT-250

Page 30 - Interface Packet TNC's and Resets

Microprocessor Resetting and Set Mode Resetting

After doing that try this (below)

Thank you for the reply. I did in fact find an answer to my issue thanks to my father. If that problem happens to anyone else then turn your radio off, then hold down the "VFO" button while you turn it back on. It should display frequencies again. You might have to put in all your memory channels again but its a lot better than having a non working radio. Hope this helps someone! http://forums.qrz.com/showthread.php?292051-Ft-250-hel
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