The Toll Road

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The Toll Road

Postby flytm » Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:05 am

Saw this movie tonight at it's world premiere at the Coupe Icare Cinema.

Amazing. Brilliant. Byron Leisek presented it at the opening in St. Hilaire. Fought back the tears. Never been so moved by a film of this kind. Can't stop thinking about it. Technically genius-level work. Absolutely F'ckin amazing. If you have any kind of appreciation for film making or editing, this work will blow you away. When this thing drops, stop whatever you're doing and find it. Watch it. Then show your love and respect for everyone you know.

It will change you.

Byron's intro, one of the very few times they broke character and actually addressed the audience in English, killed me. Went something like this: "It's an honor to be here, so thank you. In our sport we get the privilege of not being confined by the constraints of gravity for small moments, however we must realize that it's a gamble and sometimes it doesn't pay off. I dedicate this film to the friend I lost doing what he loved, and I dedicate this film to all of your friends you may have lost as well."

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