A short morning cook, Sept 2015

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Steve Ford
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A short morning cook, Sept 2015

Postby Steve Ford » Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:55 am

so this is my 1st attempt at putting a vid up on the site. And the 1st vid with the Drift cam that I took last season. The IMovie app on the Mac Mini made the edit process quite simple,..... 'interesting how one can mess with adding music from the ITunes library using time of the vid...... Widespread Panic doing a JJ Cale cover seemed to fit. I'm going to play with editing other vids from last season in that package.

The morning cook flight can be a little busy flying-wise: pick your cycle and fight like hell to get in and up; scrap for every bit of lift, but keep an eye on LZ conditions on top and bottom to pick the landing cycle you want. ...... On non-cold front push days, it is often the most reliable flight at Mt. Zion when cross mountain flow is weak. The other HG pilots that show up on the vid are Dean on the Litespeed and Dave on the Malibu.

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Mike Jobin
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Re: A short morning cook, Sept 2015

Postby Mike Jobin » Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:43 pm

Cool video Steve,

I like how subtle your initiating turns, it looks very smooth :| It seems like your glider is an extension of you and takes very little to position yourself in the good stuff. This is a good example of how it is done. Keep it coming :lol:


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