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Support for Karma Flights

Postby Eric_Bader » Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:37 am

This is the school that Karma Flights rebuilt after the earth quake in Bandipur, Nepal.

Pilot challenge: I would like to take on one of the Karma Flight projects. Please see for more information.

One project, a School Library: 600 books, furniture, book shelve, flooring and furnishing $2000 per library.
These kids are learning to read in their school, but they do not have a place or access to books to read.
Please go to and make a donation. Once you have donated, let me know by email at: Eric”at sign” and I will match your donation up to a total of $1000.
These donations are tax deductible, lets get this done before year end!
Eric Bader

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