ISO either a Mosquito harness or Paramotor setup

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ISO either a Mosquito harness or Paramotor setup

Postby tharnden » Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:59 am

Hey everyone, I am a hang glider pilot who just moved down to Fort Collins from Wyoming. I have done all my training in Wyoming and wanted to see about getting in touch with a group down here. I saw another discussion that said the Fort Collins "A" launch is not longer available but was wondering if there were any other sites near by? If not, I was wanting to see if anyone had a Mosquito harness for a hang glider or a complete Paramotor setup they were looking to sell? Let me know and lets go flying sometime.

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Re: ISO either a Mosquito harness or Paramotor setup

Postby John W » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:42 pm

Masonville used to be the local flying site. Not sure if it is still viable or not. Houses were built in the LZ. Never ever fly there in anything north of west.

Bull Mountain is a very nice place to fly. Not to far from Fort Collins, and pretty consistent.
Launch is at 40 56' 22.9"N 105 56' 16.84"W. There is another launch further to the left (south) that faces more southerly.
LZ - 40 54' 52.86"N 105 56' 59.40W

Steve Hansen/or Hanson, is the local pilot in Fort Collins. Look him up. I think he still flies a paraglider at Masonville.

That is about it for northern front range flying options. I learned to fly in Fort Collins a long time ago.


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