Green Mountain (William F Hayden Park)

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Green Mountain (William F Hayden Park)

Postby Stone » Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:54 pm

Can anyone provide detailed information about flying this site? A search of the forum doesn't produce much.

The City of Lakewood website is light on details as well. The main page for the park doesn't say anything specifically about paragliding, however in the bottom right corner of the page there's a link to the paragliding application under 'Forms':
The application is rather dated and it doesn't say what to do with it once you fill it out, but it does include a map showing the launch and landing area. I emailed the City asking for more information and this is the response I received:
"The paragliding permit is available in person at the Bear Creek Lake Park visitor center, 15600 W. Morrison Road (the gate attendant will let you in free to get your permit). A copy of your US Hang Gliding Association membership and a photo ID are required. The permit does not need to be renewed, but needs to be carried with you if using the park for paragliding. We do not get many requests on this subject, but we will consider adding further information online."
Is it worth putting detailed information for this site on the RMHPA Site Guide?

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Re: Green Mountain (William F Hayden Park)

Postby flytm » Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:30 pm

Hi Stone.
I was instrumental in getting Green Mountain legal for foot-launched flying. We made a deal with the city of Lakewood that we would register with the city every year if we wanted to fly there. It only costs $1 to register.

Problem is, it's just not a great place to fly. When winds are from the right direction for flying there, it's usually way too strong. There's very little thermal potential and it's a long walk to the top.

Contact me off-line or by private message if you want a walking tour there some day.

Have you been briefed on Lookout yet?

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Re: Green Mountain (William F Hayden Park)

Postby ctcranor » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:03 am

It was interesting as I just walked up the the LZ about 6 weeks ago....tired of the wind blowing from the West and feeling desperate I guess....and ran into the ranger. I asked him a few questions about launch and the permit/fee and he stated he didn't know they collected a fee and never had asked anyone flying there about it. Thanks for the info about the process though as I wouldn't want to piss anyone off over a few dollars!

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