Western Slope flying - please have respect

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Western Slope flying - please have respect

Postby Benzie » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:57 am

I think this goes for any site on the western slope not just Reeder Mesa,

For those that are new/newer and never-evers to flying Reeder Mesa (note proper spelling). Reeder launch is barely situated on public land. And surrounded by active ranches, ranchers, and working class people that will be there long after us. It is a rough rocky unapproved road. IF wet it muds up and ruts out like crazy. It has eaten tires, oil pans, and broken suspension. Please plan accordingly.
Reeder is accessed through private property on a private road, speeding or even making dust past the houses and out-buildings generally gets me a call by the Webbers. Please be courteous, polite, and drive 5 mph. They have given me license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions in the past. And they technically and legally can stop us from using their driveway and road forcing us to take the long way around.
With the active ranching I have received past complaints that gates are not getting closed and cows getting out, so please return all gates as you pass through.
It is also Calving season, so the momma cows are having baby cows. Ranchers are diligently watching their livestock and any distress can cause the cow to abort or miscarry the calf. So please give livestock a wide path and don't make them run or cause stress. Coincidently the same goes for elk and deer this time of year.
Hunting in the fall is also a form of income for the ranchers as they guide and make money, so they are also out with rifles now picking off coyote and stuff that would harm the baby cows, elk, and deer. So the baby elk and deer can grow to be the hunted in the fall. So you've probably been looked at through a scope and you didn't know it. We play in their world on their land, please be respectful. Even more so with bathroom stuff out there! Dig deep and bury well.
So as much as we all love the outdoors and animals lets try to avoid them causing them to spook or run. As these large animals run, they often go through fences instead of over and hurt themselves and damage the fences in the process. Then the cows get out and the process gets expensive.
Anything outside the rancher's normal sphere of issues is going to be blamed on us. Please plan accordingly.
I've found out who the pilots are that were spooking the elk off the ridge, knowingly or not the rancher got their photos and I'll be talking to them personally.
Please be courteous, safe, and have FUN, this is some cool guy/gal shit we get to do. Sadly if we mess up the ranchers can make it difficult for us.

~thanks Rick
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