Lost HG Tip Wand

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Lost HG Tip Wand

Postby Rick M » Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:24 am

It seems I may have lost a tip wand for my U2 in the Williams lower launch setup area on Saturday, Sept 17. If anyone happens to be there, please take a look for me. It may be in the taller grass/weeds along the south side of the setup area.

For those that were there that day, you may recall that Charles couldn't find his tip wand and thanks to Mark H. letting him use his spare tip wand, Charles was able to have a nice flight. The next day, while setting up at Wolcott, I noticed one of my tip wands looked different and knew it wasn't mine. Turns out it was Charles'. So it seems I stole his tip wand while setting up at Williams and somehow left mine up there. Oops.
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