(almost) End of season gear maintenance

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(almost) End of season gear maintenance

Postby flytm » Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:35 am

Getting to be the end of the summer flying season. Flyable days will be starting to be fewer and farther between.

Quick reminder to all that now might be a good time to shake out your gear, take things apart, clean things up, get things checked.

Toward that end I'm planning a 5-day excursion to Mecca (POTM) for some test-flights on new gear and some Santa-time. I'm up for taking some of your gear with me to your service-provider of choice for annual/semi/bi-annual inspections and re-packs.

If you've never had your gear inspected before, Super Fly does a very thorough job. Porosity, line-stretch, all connection points, any moving parts, all quantified and compared to expected service life. The knowledge is good, but also cool to have a complete, official inspection report handy when I've been ready to turn over my gear.

They've got this impressively wide sail-span hanger that allows them to hang your gear and hoist it completely off the ground (always wanted to build something like that here...) for a thorough visual inspection and cleaning.

If you prefer Cloud 9, they're just down the road a ways from POTM, and I'm happy to drop anything off there for you as well.

Got my email? It's tim[at]flytim(dot)com.

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