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Radio Chatter

Postby DPlatt » Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:52 pm

Myself and another pilot were flying from LO past N. Boulder a couple of weeks ago. As we approached N. Boulder the local chatter on the 158.400 frequency became so incessant that we both ended up turning our radios off.
There seemed to be a lot of unnecessary talk, if an emergency communication had been necessary, it would have been difficult to transmit.

When flying at LO there is very little unnecessary radio traffic.

A few suggestions:
1. Make flight plans before you launch
2. Ball up you're glider as soon as you land. This is will let everyone know you're ok,
3. When notifying others you have landed and/or need a ride use SPOT, Twitter, text or phone.
4. Think before you transmit, is what you have to say essential information for the other pilots in the air?
5. Keep your transmissions brief and concise.
6. If you want to chat with other pilots while flying pre-determine another frequency prior to launching.

There is no doubt that flying is exciting and we want to share what we are experiencing; how strong the last thermal was or a low save we just managed, however those conversations should be saved for beers after the flight.

Don't mean to be an ass, it's just how I roll............. :twisted:


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