Lookout Mountain

Hang 2 Pilots Rules for Lookout

Update: Walk Through Guide for (Hang Glider) Pilots (2010)

Adopted By The RMHGA, November 2000

The Lookout flying site, located on Mt. Zion in Golden, has restricted landing fields, is in the public eye, and is one of very few sites along the Front Range. It is necessary to impose restrictions on its use both for pilot safety and site preservation. These restrictions are not intended to keep pilots from flying at Lookout, but to help them fly there safely. This program is fairly strict, but is a way to allow advanced Hang 2 pilots to fly a sensitive, restricted, H3-H4 site. We allow advanced local Hang 2 pilots to fly Lookout only after they have shown the judgment and skills to land in a restricted landing field both safely and consistently.

Hang 2 pilots must meet and adhere to the following rules and regulations. Not following these rules and regulations will result in the Hang 2 not being allowed to fly Lookout again until he or she has reached a Hang 3 rating.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Local Advanced Hang 2’s must be a current member of both the USHPA and the Rocky Mountain Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association to fly at Lookout.
  2. Local Advanced Hang 2’s must do a walk through of the landing areas with a qualified sponsor to learn set up and approach patterns, site protocol, and the proper way to pull off the road for the landing area.
  3. Local Advanced Hang 2’s will be shown the proper takeoff areas and where to set up their equipment, as well as the proper protocol for launching at these takeoff areas.
  4. Local Advanced Hang 2’s must show that they have proper knowledge of the “Rules of the Road.”
  5. Local Advanced Hang 2’s must make their first flight at Lookout on the day of their walk through.
  6. Local Advanced Hang 2’s must have a qualified sponsor present for every flight. The presence of the sponsor should be set up ahead of time. Do not expect that someone will be available to sponsor you if you show up without arranging it in advance.
  7. Local Advanced Hang 2’s will not make their first flights on a weekend. They shall not fly on weekends because of the increased air traffic. All Hang 2 flying will be conducted on weekdays.
  8. Local Advanced Hang 2’s will land only in designated landing areas. Landing in any other area at Lookout will result in their loss of the privilege to fly Lookout until they reach a Hang 2I rating, even though the landing may have been done safely. This does not include flying cross-country, but does include landing in housing developments, roads, power lines, creeks, ponds, rivers, the Colorado School of Mines fields, and the main city of Golden.
  9. Local Advanced Hang 2’s must realize flying at Lookout is a privilege that is being granted to you by the local pilots and it can and will be taken away at anytime. If you jeopardize this site at any time, or for any reason, you will be asked to not fly there again. This privilege will not be granted to any pilot who is a non-local Hang 2. Lookout is an Intermediate to Advanced (H3-H4) hang gliding site.
  10. If your privilege is revoked because you made a mistake and endangered the site, or because of inadequate flying skills or judgment, do not ask to fly there again until you are a Hang 3 and are ready for 10 more sponsored flights.


HG Lookout Sponsorship Sheet

The following is a list of sponsors that have been working with Mark Windsheimer to introduce local Hang 2's to flying at Lookout. This list is current as of March 2004. It may change over time, so check with either Mark Windsheimer, Steve Ford or Jim Yocom for changes. Local Hang 2's who would like to fly at Lookout need to contact one of these sponsors to arrange sponsorship before showing up at Lookout to fly. The sponsors are volunteering their time to help less-experienced pilots. Acting as a sponsor requires them to be present for the entire sponsored flight, which can prevent them from flying cross-country or just taking a quick flight and then leaving. They like to fly, too, so please contact them in advance rather than surprising them with a request for sponsorship while they are setting up their glider on launch. There is a very good chance that, if you set it up ahead of time, you will get someone to help you. Many of these sponsors are also instructors or observers that can observe you for the tasks that you need for your next rating.

If any Advanced pilots with a lot of experience flying at Lookout would like to be added to the list of sponsors, please contact Mark Windsheimer at 303-674-2451. It takes some time to be a sponsor, but it can be very rewarding.

If you have questions about this program, please feel free to contact Mark Windsheimer, Jim Yocom or Steve Ford can also answer your questions. Their telephone numbers can be found in the above sponsors list, and their e-mail addresses are also available in the Members Only section.